Lennart Nissmark - Glass as an inspiration
I began my education 1982 as apprentices at Studio Glashyttan in Åhus. It has been a great inspiration for us to work everyday with our masters to learn the many different techniques, to get passionate for the sparkling crystal and to get touched by the mystery and the feeling for this wonderful material. Glass is an enchanting material with its many faces and a great inspiration worth all the effort it takes to develop. To work together in perfect harmony shaping the glowing mass into new creations and designs with out very own personal style and touch is an inspiring and positive experience.
borje.jpg    Börje Berglund
Glass for me is an enchanting material. The glass demands a long experiance and technique knowledge to go where the Master wants to. The challenge makes the glass so present and alive. To challenge the glass as a designer is an art in itself. As an coworker to Stig Lindberg, i learned that design is not just about shape. There are no simple regulations how a utility goods should look like. Technique and form should together and became beuty and function. Artglass or a unique peice are a total challenge with no limits. To try new things and play with the glass gives me a greater satisfaction. With forms and colours develop new ideas with in the glass,could be a hard nut to crack but when one succeed the satisfaction is great.
- Rörstrands Porslinsfabrik 1964-66.
- Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik Värmdö/ coworker to Stig Lindberg and Berndt Friberg 1966-74.
- Evening school of art 1966-69.
- The School of Art Stockholm glass and ceramic 1975-78.
- Teacher at the Art school in Kristianstad/ Sculpture 1981-88.
- Part time teacher School of Art Stockholm 1982-2000.
   Hanne Dreutler-Zirnsack (1942-2009) - Founder / Artist
Born in 1942 in Freidburg, West-Germany. Hanne was educated in graphic, design and craft and has practiced at Flygsfors, Målerås and Kosta glass factories. Glashyttan works only with crystal of the very best quality. Most of the pieces are made of thick crystal with slender streams or bubbles of coloured glass. The superior quality of the crystal and Studio Glashyttan's own unique designs combine to give the pieces a special lustre in harmony with a fascinating form.