Studio Glashyttan i Åhus AB is a small family owned company situated in the southeast of Sweden just by the coast. They are only working with hand-made crystal with a superior quality. The glasswork was started 1977 by the couple Hanne Dreutler and Arthur Zirnsack.

Today Arthur Zirnsack have left over the baton of responsibility to the "New Generation" Lennart Nissmark to take care and develop the work with the Studio.

Studio Glashyttan only works with handmade crystal designed and created by themselves in their own hot shop. The goal of Studio Glashyttan has always been to work with the highest quality in craft, design and material and Lennart Nissmark want to continue there masters and mentors philiosophy but with their very own personal style and touch. Åhus one of the oldest cities in Sweden with a great culture heritage and by the sea, really inspires them to create masterpieces.

For Lennart glass is an enchanting material with its many faces and a great inspiration worth all the effort it takes to develop. To work together in perfect harmony shaping the glowing mass into new creations and designs with my very own personal style and touch is inspiring and a positive experience.

To carry on the spirit of glass into the future and to be a part of the endless evolution in this versatile, inspiring and beautiful material is something that we all at Studio Glashyttan want to share with all the people in the world and for us "Glass is a way of living".


Lennart Nissmark


Mallec Brandt


Jörgen Roth


Alve Lundin